The Billy Shinbone Show

The Billy Shinbone Show



The Billy Shinbone Show is the deviant folk-pop manglings & disco-punk-rock-blues of Somerset multi-instrumentalist Billy Shinbone, -funneling his twin passions of old country & 60s psychedelia through the rusty plumbing of a DIY musical approach & his love of a twisty lyric.

"My real commitment is to the lyric & how it marries with the music. If I'm going to sing it I have to mean it. That doesn't mean every line has to be profound & wrenched from the very forge of my soul, but at the very least it does mean every line has to be doing a good job of grabbing your ear, & then maybe it has the potential to lead you somewhere unexpected & magical. It may as well be just grunts & howls otherwise, but I like to think the music deserves a little more than that."

Since starting this project in the summer of 2013, Billy has toured Germany four times, played at Glastonbury Festival in 2014 & 2015 & opened for interesting & idiosyncratic acts such as Piney Gir, James Apollo, Flipron & Le Skeleton Band.His debut single "If You Think You'll Get Away With It You're Wrong" was warmly received with plays on BBC6Music from Steve Lamacq & Tom Robinson, as well as airplay in the USA, Canada, Australia, The Republic of Ireland & Sweden, as well as local & specialist shows. There are more recordings on the way.

What shall we call it? Psychedelic skiffle? Deviant folk-disco? Blues-punk? Bubblegum hillbilly?

You could always make up your own mind...