The Billy Shinbone Show

DIY Recording

I have no proper home studio, but I have a laptop & a single microphone. My temporary recording space, my vocal booth, my live room, whatever you want to call it, is a little alcove in my house that I rig up with duvets, cushions, bits of foam & blankets to make an acoustically neutral space in which to make noises. There is no power here, so I have to run a cable from the other side of the room for the laptop etc. The laptop sits on a chair outside the duvet/curtained-off alcove, which I reach out to hit buttons on when I'm ready. Inside I'm crouched on a camping stool, (a low noise, uncreaky sort of camping stool) with a microphone on a little desktop cradle perched on top of an amp. Then I sing & play & howl, trying not to let the sound of click track bleed into the microphone.... In spite of the headphones being quite nice AKG enclosed headphones, it bleeds into everything. I'm just about to try out my latest attempted solution, replacing all the clicks with muffled beats on a blanket covered cardboard box so I have a basic tempo skeleton with which to stop myself getting way too fast on every song.... I'll let you know how it goes!