The Billy Shinbone Show

The Billy Shinbone Show's debut album is out! Well, you can download it everywhichwhere & you cab purchase the CD in a neat little card cover from Tiny Dog Records own website! They will send it anywhere in the world for you! It'll be out on CD in major retailers on August 17th.

30 songs were written for this record, of which 10 made the cut. It was such fun to make, -we borrowed beautiful instruments from friends; piled up amps into rumbling, singing tone mountains; took pianos apart; played cheap accordions through expensive microphones & found the joyous clanging of a motorcycle sprocket that clanged the clang of a perfect G.

So it's been very pleasing to have positive reaction from the music press! The first two online music organs to do so, terrascope & neon filler, have given lovely reviews of the album. If you'd like a copy then please do visit Tiny Dog Records for a copy. Just scroll down to the bottom of the To Order page & you'll see it there! 

Don't forget that you can watch the video to "Mostly Cloudy, Occasionally Sunny" right here! It takes place mainly on a staircase & features a home-made corpse & a giant purple accordion.