The Billy Shinbone Show

Right now, The Billy Shinbone Show has finished mixing the debut album! We've had real fun making this record- taking pianos apart, building big piles of amps, digging out Dobros & electric sitars, cheap glockenspiels & cheap accordions, borrowing beautiful expensive mandolins & baritone guitars, making percussion from old motorcycle sprockets & just hitting stuff to see what kind of noise it made. It'll be coming out in the spring on Tiny Dog Records!

At the same time you can catch me playing guitar with the Neville Staple Band, up & down the country, here & there. Yup, that's Neville from the Specials & Fun Boy Three - playing ska, reggae & classic two-tone sounds. It's a great job- I get to play guitar & jump up & down to great music with my friends. Every now & again Flipron get to play a gig or two & you can catch me there too!

In the meantime the debut single If You Think You'll Get Away With It You're Wrong is still available! You can download it from all the usual places with a little home-recorded b-side called Tastes Like Apples as part of the package! You pick up a CD promo copy from me at a gig, or from Tiny Dog Records, which comes with some mini-swag too: A sticker & a button/badge!  If you haven't seen the (very homemade) video you can watch it below. Feel free to share it if you like it!