The Billy Shinbone Show is the deviant fuzz-folk & disco-blues manglings of multi-instrumentalist Billy Shinbone, (AKA Jesse Budd), -funneling his twin passions of old country & 60s psychedelia through the rusty plumbing of a DIY musical approach & his love of a twisty lyric. 

What started as a side project from his band Flipron has grown to include an album, singles, tours across Germany, festivals & plenty of national & international radio play. The songs are characterised by often spookily surreal lyrics over a tangly open-tuned picking style -playing "guitar like a banjo & banjo like a guitar". 


"Uniquely imaginative and infectious..... Highly recommended." 5/5 -The Morning Star. 

"A smasher of a debut" 

"The quality is there along with the heart and that is the combination that makes for a winning album" 

"A cracking little album"

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